Sexy Red Pumps


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It is a pleasure to welcome another outstanding new model, Jessica, to the Pretty Pumps gallery. The first thing one notices about Jessica is the striking blue color of her eyes, which she assures me is all natural — no colored contact lenses involved! The next thing I noticed was how quickly and skillfully she took to modeling these sexy red pumps. The more I look at Jessica’s photos, the more I like her. I believe this was the first time she had ever done a high heel themed shoot, but much like her eyes, her modeling ability is all natural.

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  1. NewFDAges says:

    She is adorable, her eyes are incredible beautiful, is simply perfect.

    Maybe the only thing I say for the next time, told she to look a little less tho the camera and most to her legs and heels, like 110 shot.

    Congratulations and go forward!!!!