Scarlet Stiletto Fever


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It’s a red letter day at, as we welcome stunning new model Cassie to our lineup. Her first set is appropriately titled Scarlet Stiletto Fever, not only for the red shoes, but for the dizzying sensation one feels when looking at her. I must admit, I am usually able to keep my cool during photo shoots, but Cassie had me so riled up, she caused me to literally fall into a pile of boxes while shooting her, a fact which she found quite amusing. I’ll bet she has a similar effect on you.

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  1. NewFdAges says:


  2. just says:

    please no more shoots with Cassie, she is too … too….. too……. breathtaking!

  3. m says:

    how do you get the .zip file for this set?

  4. gonzo861 says:

    WOW!!!!! Unbelievable set, here. The hottest of the hot!

  5. Dark Deity says:

    Great set, man. There’s a lot to go through on this site – which is good! Glad I stumbled upon this set. Bravo.

  6. scratchdoggie says:

    I can’t seem to find the zip file for Cassie’s shoe dangle and red heels sets. Can you include those or send in an email?