Rocking Chair Dangle


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Allow me to introduce Ally. Ally is a local college girl who I have been wanting to shoot for years. When I finally got her into my studio last week, and saw how beautiful her legs are, I got very excited. Once we started the shoot, and I saw how good she looks when she dangles her shoes, I got even more excited. If you find her as exciting as I do, let me know — I might try to get her back for another shoot later on this summer.

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  1. cube31 says:

    EXTRA !!

  2. Mephisto says:

    She just surpassed Cassie by having the best pair of legs on the site! Thank you for the photos and the video! More of Ally please!

  3. Michael ( says:

    @Mephisto Thanks for the feedback. That’s one hell of a compliment, saying that she surpassed Cassie! I like Ally too, so you will definitely be seeing more of her.

  4. Bob F says:

    A charming discovery ! Magnificent legs, queen’s speed(look) I hope to find her frequently…