Office Poses


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For this office set, Anne was gracious enough to make her home available as a shooting location; that is why the background looks different from usual. Anne has a huge shoe collection of her own; we had a lot of fun going through her closet and picking out these shoes and matching outfit. We got a “double-cross” pose for those of you who have been asking for it. Anne also revealed the secret of getting a woman to do a double-cross — she told me she normally does it when it’s cold and she is trying to keep her legs warm. So there you have it guys: if you want to see more double leg crosses, just crank up the air conditioning!

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  1. xoalion says:

    Hello, I believe that I have never seen so beautiful crossed legs and double crossed!!! This lady is really trĂ©s beautiful. I can’t wait that we can join your site. Thank you.