My Scarlet Valentine


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This week’s set would be a dream come true for any man. Just imagine having sultry and leggy Ginger as your Valentine! But be advised, Ginger isn’t looking for flowers or chocolates; she wants a man who will get down on his knees and worship her.

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  1. Larry says:

    Michael, thanks for the new set of Ginger. She is my favorite. It was me that requested “Friday Afternoon” a couple of months back. In this set it would have been nice to have leg closeups of eeither 104 or 105. That is an awesome pose. Thanks again!

  2. Michael ( says:

    Larry, thanks for the feedback; I like this set too. Sorry I missed the closeups on that one pose. But you know, you can zoom in on any photo by clicking ’2x’ to view it double-sized. Then click and drag the photo (or use the scrollbars) to center her legs on the screen. That will give you pretty much the same view as if I had posted a closeup.

  3. New FdAges says:

    This is one of the best sets I see, thanks a lot for publish y Thanks Ginger by your Beauty!