Miniskirt Meltdown


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Bailey is really heating things up this week, in her red micro-miniskirt and red heels. Those of you who are very observant may notice that the heel of her right shoe is broken. I did not notice it myself until I was editing this set. Apparently Bailey was so hot that the glue melted, and the little rubber tip on the base of her heel popped off. Now that these shoes are broken, they will have to be retired. No one else could have done a sexier job of dangling them anyway.

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  1. NewFdAges says:

    She is one of most beautiful models.

    The only issue I see is with the shoes, because the heels of these shoes are not so Sharp and one of them have not the tip of heel (same problem in each set where there are used)

  2. houthuis says:

    I like feet and shoes