Leggy Lounger


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Here is beautiful Cera, lounging around waiting for her date to arrive. She casually adjusts her little black dress, and checks out her black patent pumps. Is this dress short enough, and are these heels high enough? Oh yeah, she is looking more than sexy enough to hold this guy’s attention for the entire evening.

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  1. boezio37 says:

    How many times did you use this pair of shoes? With so many designs around at thrift prices you should renew somewhat your stock of pumps and sandals.

  2. Michael (PrettyPumps.com) says:

    @boezio37 This site is mainly about classic pumps (hence the name “Pretty Pumps”). I have tried shooting some different styles of shoes in the past, but usually when I did I got complaints from my regular members. I will still try to mix in a few different types of shoes occasionally, but for the most part yes, you will be seeing the same shoes over and over, since that is what most people want.