High Heel Heat Wave


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We’ve been enduring a record-setting heat wave across North America this past week, but as hot as it has been outside, it is still not as hot as Nikki is in this set. With her perfect legs, pointy high heel pumps, and expert shoe dangling skills, Nikki could cause a heat wave at the South Pole.

Do you want to see more of Nikki? This is the last photo set I have of her, but she is still modeling, and I could bring her back for another shoot. If you like her, please post a comment below, send me an email, or submit feedback through my Formspring page, telling me you want more Nikki!

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  1. NewFDAges says:

    Great set!!! She is amazing good your site rocks!

  2. Drax says:

    Quite possibly the best looking and sexiest girl on here more please

  3. Larry says:

    Beautiful girl, killer legs! More of her please!