Heart-Stopping Heels


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It is never my intention to give anyone a heart attack, but I am afraid it may be inevitable after this week’s update. Victoria’s magnificent legs are on full display in this set; it won’t be long until she has every heart in the room pounding.

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  1. NewFDAges says:

    Fantastica coleccion pero no hay fotos de pie…. (STANDING PLEASE!!!!)

  2. Michael (PrettyPumps.com) says:

    @NewFDAges Okay, I promise that the next time I post a Victoria set, there will be some standing poses. :D

  3. New FdAges says:

    You are the best man!!! Congratulations on your site is my favorite Week after Week.

    What about some poses from girls standing over soccer ball with high heels (Victory poses) is only an idea but can to work.