Early Work II


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As I explained in Early Work I, I got started in high heel photography by attending glamour workshops. Most of the photos I took at those workshops were in a group setting where I had no opportunity to direct the models. The photos in this set are different. They were taken at the workshop, however I decided to pay extra for a private shooting session with this girl, so I could direct her into some of the leggy poses that I had been wanting to see.

This was the first time I had ever worked one-on-one with a model, and I was extremely nervous. Fortunately the girl (I think her name was Margo) was very sweet, and she was happy to do whatever I asked. The shoes are a little clunky because they were all I could find that would fit her tiny size four feet, and there are all sorts of technical problems with the photos, nevertheless you can see the essentials of my style beginning to emerge. Our photo session only lasted twenty minutes, but it was enough to convince me to launch the Pretty Pumps project. I set to work building my own studio, and the next one-on-one shoot I did (about six months later) was the Office Manager set with Jamie Daniels.

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