Classically Curvy


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Allow me to formally introduce Kelli Lynn. She made her video debut last month, but this is her first photo set. Kelli Lynn replied to one of my casting calls with the following: “I am incredibly interested in working with you! I am a professionally trained actress, model, singer, dancer, musician, and stage combatant. I have been playing trombone for 15 years and can play harmonica, euphonium, baritone, and penny whistle. In addition, I have my stage combat certification from the Society of American Fight Directors in rapier and dagger combat. I am also a professionally trained classical singer.” With a resume like that, I had to say yes!

Kelli Lynn has a very upbeat and energetic personality, and she was a lot of fun to work with. During our shoot, I found out that she enjoys listening to classical music; in fact she has a large selection of it on her MP3 player. For this set, I simply had her relax in a chair while listening to her music. Maybe in the future I will ask her to shoot a “one woman band” video, tapping her high heels to the beat while she sings and plays trombone.

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  1. Dave says:

    Kelli Lynn is beautiful in a miniskirt and high heels. Such a confident lady to show so much leg. Go for it girl.

  2. ans says: