Chameleon Dress


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Young and beautiful Scarlett is making her second appearance this week. Something very strange happened during this photo shoot. The wraparound dress she is wearing was a dark green color when she put it on, but when I started taking the photos it turned navy blue! I noticed it at the time, and I even showed it to her on the camera’s LCD screen; we could both see clearly that the dress was a completely different color on the screen than it was in reality. I still have no idea how or why that happened — all of the other colors in the photos are true — but the outfit looks great either way, so I guess it does not matter.

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  1. NewFdAges says:

    This woman is amazing, one of most beautiful I see. And see knows where to see to conquer me…

    I love her

  2. boezio37 says:

    Same thing, as subsequent set: too tame, repeating poses. There are so many poses, you seem to be in love with just a very few poses and keep repeating them.

  3. Michael ( says:

    @boezio37 It would be far more helpful if you would tell me what you like, rather than what you don’t like. People were requesting double cross leg poses so I started shooting them. A few people have been asking for back shots so I am trying to do more of those. If there is something specific you want to see, tell me what it is and I’ll try to shoot it.