Black Bow Pumps


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This week it’s tall, red-headed Ginger returning to, sitting by the window and modeling some black bow pumps. These pumps are a bit different from the style of shoe I normally feature. I happened to find them on discount in a local retail store and I wanted to try them once. I would say they are more cute than sexy, with the chunky heel and the bow on the front, but Ginger rather liked them, and in fact she had the exact same pair of shoes, only in a different color.

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  1. Larry says:

    Her legs are spectacular!

  2. NewFDAges says:

    yes she is perfect…. Shoes no…

  3. Michael ( says:

    For those of you who did not like these shoes: they were a one-time thing, you won’t be seeing them again.

  4. NewFDAges says:

    Don’t worry my is only an review if many people like and if the girls like there is no bother.

    But thanks by take our comments you site rocks!