Guest Gallery 4

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Here is another terrific contribution from our friend Dark Deity. The woman showing off her amazing legs in these photos is his girlfriend — as you can see, he has taught her the art of shoe dangling extremely well! She is aware and supportive of the fact that her pictures are being posted here, so please keep the positive comments coming, I know they are very much appreciated.

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  1. just says:

    wow! the red heels are too sexy. and photo 26 where she touches her sole makes me go crazy! one wish left: to see her face too….

  2. Larry says:

    She is spectacular. More from her would be welcome anytime!

  3. Joe says:

    Love those Pleaser pumps, especially the Seduce 420s.

  4. aronf123 says:

    Great pictures, very proffesional. I’d love to see more of the silver pumps!