About PrettyPumps.com

Hello, I am the photographer and webmaster for PrettyPumps.com. I’m just a regular guy with a lifelong interest in women’s shoes. For me, the right pair of shoes makes all the difference between a woman who is merely attractive, and a woman who is breathtaking. I especially like the classic, high-heeled pump style of shoe, like the one you see at left. Unfortunately, it is very rare to see a woman wearing such shoes these days; in fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult even to find classic pumps for sale in stores.

I know from many years of chatting on special interest message boards that plenty of people — both men and women — share my love of classic pumps. I bought a professional camera and learned to use it for the sole purpose of documenting the beauty and allure of these shoes. I hope this web site can bring some enjoyment to those who appreciate them as I do, as well as help educate the younger generation on what they have been missing. Classic pumps are symbolic of graceful, intelligent, powerful women, and they ought never to go out of style.